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Welcome to the Awakening Heart School!

"Develop the heart.  Too much energy in your country is spent developing the mind instead of the heart.  Work for peace in your heart and in the world."

-His Holiness The Dalai Lama

"Follow your heart."  We’ve all heard this sentiment expressed many times in our life. In fact, it’s quite possible that every culture around the world has their own version of this idea – that the best way to live life is in alignment with our own innermost truth, with those values that spring naturally from the Heart.

But what IS the Heart? WHERE is the Heart? How do we distinguish our HEART’s guidance from the impulses that arise from our mind, our past experiences, our conditioning, other peoples’ ideas or desires, our romantic idealism?
This is the tricky part – how to DISCERN our Heart’s wisdom and how to EMBODY it.


According to the ancient traditions of India, the Heart is not just an organ that beats inside our chest; it is not just a sweet sentimentality or a generator of romantic love… The Heart is our compass for living life in alignment with our innermost truth and potential. According to Buddhist scriptures, the heart has its own discerning wisdom, by cultivating which we are guided beyond the veils of appearances into a realm of intuition.

This intuitive vision reveals a world of energy and potentiality that – long described by the mystics and shamans of the past - is now being discovered and explored by quantum physicists. Those ancient scientists looked within and found that our physical body carries a subtle energy system within, and that this energy system is the source of our vitality and life. The Heart, they said, is the powerful Energy center in the core of this subtle system. It is the merging place of Heaven and Earth out of which deep wisdom and power emerge. Inside “the cave of the Heart,” they said, dwells God, the Infinite Light. In your very Heart, they exclaimed, God lives! This body, they said, is God’s temple. Respect this body, and respect others, for the Divine Light exists within each of us. And trust your Heart, because all the creative power of the Universe literally dwells inside you.

In fact, according to these ancient sages, the Heart is not just a center within the human body, it is the omnipresent Divine Energy moving through and animating all life. The Heart, they say, is pulsating in every atom of existence. This whole world, they say, is the Heart’s ecstatic dance. The Energy within our own Heart is the same as the Intelligence that moves all Life. In this way, the Heart within our chest connects us directly to the limitless web of Life. When our actions are inspired and guided by the Heart, what seems impossible happens naturally, almost without effort – quantum shift, beyond the mechanics of cause and effect!


What does it mean to Awaken the Heart?

     To Awaken the Heart is to remember who we are and to experience life as it really is – full of Divinity.

     To Awaken the Heart is to find and follow our own inner guidance.

     To Awaken the Heart is to empathize with others, to interact compassionately with them, to consider the good of all in our decisions.

     To Awaken the Heart is to learn to love and honor ourselves, our needs, our desires, our boundaries, our dreams… and in turn, to learn to provide the same respect to others.

     To Awaken the Heart is to unleash the creative power of our own Soul’s vision and to apply it skillfully and mindfully in every aspect of everyday life. This may seem like a daunting undertaking, but for many of us, it has become the only option. We must live our life in alignment with our innermost calling and truth… with our Heart.

Why an “Awakening Heart SCHOOL?”

We know how challenging it can be to discern the wisdom of the heart and to live our life in alignment with it. If you’ve put forth an effort to live your truth, you have undoubtedly noticed that:

     It takes clarity, skill, and courage to follow your heart, to apply its guidance in practical ways in everyday life.

     It takes tenacity and resolve to express your heart’s desires in the work and relationships you choose, the way you interact with the earth and with others.

     It takes tremendous strength to call into question the habits and assumptions that you see causing suffering, inequality, and sickness in the world… and then to generate your own healthy alternatives.

That’s why they Awakening Heart School exists - to support you in your heroic quest to accomplish all of the above.

All AHS offerings - Soul-Life Coaching Programs, workshops, teleclasses, trainings, and events - are offered for one purpose: to help humanity discover and embody the full power and glory of their own Divine Heart, which essentially means to live a life of fulfillment and success, in harmony with all of Life.

We know that just as it takes a village to raise a child, so too does it take a community to support us living our highest. Every program, course and event of the Awakening Heart School is essentially a living community. A community reflects to us our greatness, while supporting us as we transform negative beliefs and life-denying habits into truer, more kind, loving, and life-affirming ones.

  We believe it is absolutely VITAL that the energy and intelligence of the Heart be awakened in humanity at this time – for the personal and collective happiness of human beings and the care of planet Earth. Empathy, the hallmark attribute of the Awakened Heart, is the most powerful healing force alive on this planet. With eyes, heart, and mind of Empathy, we seek, see and call forth the hidden glory of each person we come into contact with. Empathy is the foundation for all the practices and teachings of the Awakening Heart School. Philosophy and technique are merely channels through which empathy can flow and take form; without Empathy - toward ourselves, toward the Earth, and toward each other, - our “tasks” are motivated from unstable ground. The Divine intelligence of Empathy transcends differences, loves unconditionally, and has no need to prove, compete or dominate, but instead lovingly and patiently – unfailingly – draws forth the inherent beauty of all around us. We need Empathy right now more than anything, and all The Awakening Heart School’s programs, courses, trainings, and events seek to provide a context for the cultivation of this sublime power, and precise and effective techniques for its direct application.

Through practice, self-inquiry, and community, we can activate the hidden power of the Heart. We can draw forth the healing power of Empathy. We can access profound wisdom and the energy of miracles, of quantum creation. We can live in seamless harmony with Nature. We can create our lives as a direct reflection of our innermost truth and being. We can truly live a joyful, fulfilling life and contribute something lastingly uplifting to the world.

The Awakening of the Heart passes like a torch from one person to another. Come, bring your flame to this gathering. Ignite other hearts! Come, receive a spark of light to re-kindle your flame! Let’s see this world ablaze with the Heart’s ecstatic dance.

Welcome to the Awakening Heart School!


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